Rack mount single display unit – 1U – 23″

The RMSDU offers the largest display available in a 1U rack.  The compact mechanism lifts, rotates and tilts to allow ergonomic operation.

The design is also very space efficient when deployed – the keyboard only extends minimally from the rack, allowing use in tight spaces. 

Also included are a full-HD web-cam, and dual CAC card reader.  Pass through connections for a mouse and audio are also standard.

A strong machined pin assembly provides rigidity when closed so the system can be used in mobile rack applications.  Weight is a very reasonable 23.5lb.

An ambidextrous mouse pad extension is also supplied.

Video of the system from all angles.


RMSDU-1U-23 Data-sheet

1U-Rack-Mount-23" rear panel

biggest 1U monitor closed

Largest 1u Rack Montior


LED backlit 23″ HD displays.

Rugged hinge mechanism.

HD web-cam.

Backlit keyboard.


Big 1U rack mount display closed


Height: 1U (1.75″)
Width: 17.76″
Depth: 31.80″

(30″ Rack depth)


Optional touch screen

Dual CAC card reader