Dual 24" 4K display portable workstation computer


Dual Screen computer with massive power and expansion

The MegaPAC-L2 is a large portable computer which supports the highest of high-end components, including full length, full height graphics cards.  It has two 23″ displays that can be HD, 4K or a mixture of both.

A pair of quality gas-struts lift the upper display automatically when the screen is un-latched.  A full sized keyboard completes the work-station-like experience.

Often used in C4ISR and Broadcast environments, the MegaPAC-L2 is a transportable powerhouse that can instantly transform a mobile location into a fully-fledged video-editing and communications suite.

Dual Screen Portable Computer

Dual 24" 4K display portable workstation computer

Dual display strut


CPU – Up to Dual 22 Core Intel Xeons

RAM – up to 1TB

Storage – Up to 14 x SSD

RAID – Supports all PCIe RAID controllers

Display – up to 2 x 24″ 4K (3840×4320)

MegaPAC-L2 Dimension drawing


Size: Height: 15.12″,
Width: 23.11″,
Depth: 9.02″

Weight: 60lb (config dependent)

Wheeled carry case included

MegaPAC-L2 Dimensions

Single Xeon Motherboard


i7 up to Dual Xeon processors

HD display lower, HD display upper

HD display lower, 4K display upper

4K display lower, 4K display upper