Triple screen 23″ display portable workstation

The FlexPAC-III-24 is a big, powerful portable computer.  Featuring three 24″ diagonal HD displays and a full-size, full travel keyboard, the FlexPAC-III-24 is perfect for CAD, C4ISR, UAV or any other visualization task.

Available with i7, i9 or Dual-Xeon processors, and colossal amounts of storage, the FlexPAC-III-24 can be configured to the highest levels of PC performance.  Configurable as anything from a big screen PC to a full-blown portable workstation or server, the FlexPAC-III-24 is a very flexible chassis.

Applications include C4ISR, drone control or feed monitoring, mobile command and control, field communications and cyber security monitoring or offensive action. 

Transportable workstation with displays closed and keyboard mounted

Portable workstation like a 3 screen 23" laptop with keyboard detached

rugged workstation side connectivity view

Performance portable


Maximum computing horsepower

Up to dual Xeon processing

Any graphics card

Massive HDD, SSD or NVMe storage


Portable workstation dimensions


1000W 100-240V 50-60 Hz 80PLUS Power Supply

Chassis weight 63lb (no motherboard or drives)

Portable workstation expansion and configuration


1000W 100-240V 50-60 Hz 80PLUS Power Supply.

7 possible expansion slots

(2 typically used by video card)

i7, i9, Xeon or Dual Xeon

Up to 1TB RAM

Massive storage capacity