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Port(able) Port(s)

Exa is 10^18 or 2^60

So if you need to have some very large numbers in your portable, Portexa can help!

Maximum Performance Portable.

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Three screen rugged laptop with Xeon processor and 8 Ethernet ports

Customization and Special Projects

Portexa can design and manufacture anything from a custom configuration to an entirely new concept.

The NotePAC-PRO-III is the world’s most powerful laptop.  It has a sixteen core Xeon, up to 512GB RAM and 8 ethernet ports – including two  10-G fiber and two 10-G copper. The entire rugged system weighs less than 25lb.

The MilPAC-III was developed to provide the maximum computing power in a portable that can be carried on a ship. It also had to survive a torpedo strike and pass Mil-Std’s for emissions, temperature, shock and vibration. 

Other projects include programming systems for UAVs and advanced fighter jets, training computers for weapons systems, and displays for airborne use.  Please contact us for a project discussion, whatever your real-world application.

Portexa products are designed and tested to Mil-Std 810G, 901D, and 461G.

Portexa – Maximum Performance Portable.

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Dual Xeon, three screen, transportable workstation - a maximum performance portable system