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A proud partner of ACME Portable Machines

Portexa designs products for use in military, aerospace and government environments.  We manufacture products in the USA and Taiwan with full configuration control, testing to Mil Standards and lifecycle management.  Portexa operates out of our factory space in Azusa, CA with sales and marketing in the SF Bay Area.

Portexa factory space in Azusa CA

ACME Portable Machines

21 Years of portable performance

ACME Portable Machines has a strong track record of manufacturing portable computers for industrial, broadcast and medical environments.  ACME has chosen to partner with Portexa to address the military, aerospace and government marketplaces.


Military, Aerospace, Marine, Government and Cyber applications

Portexa management has decades of experience designing, manufacturing and supporting military and aerospace programs worldwide.

We know how to design a product for the rugged environments encountered in the real world and have implemented low temperature, high temperature, extreme vibration, and other environmental solutions.  

Portexa products have proven reliability – tested to military standards for shock, vibration, temperature, humidity, transit etc.

If you have a mobile computing requirement that is not addressed by this website, please use the contact us page.  We will either be able to help you or direct you to someone who can.

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