Portable server for Network copy and test applications

The NetPAC-RHD is a light-weight powerhouse of a portable.  With 16 removable drive bays which are removable without tools, it is ideal when a system may need to change security levels, or have drives removed for transit.  Performance from the Dual Xeon motherboard, paired to a high powered RAID controller is unrivaled.

Available with 1GbE, 10GbE, and 20GbE capture cards, it is capable of sustained, multi-gigabit per second recording of network traffic without packet drops.

Drives, CPU performance/core count, O/S and memory are all configurable.

Network test and analysis computer
NetPAC – portable network capture


16 individually removable drives in a portable server

Expansion for high end RAID

NetPAC Performance


Dual Intel Xeon Platinum 

Up to 1TB RAM

16 x 7.6TB SSD Data Drives

LSI RAID controller

Removable System Drive



17.15″W x 14.68″H x 7.00″D 

Weight: 30lb without drives

Up to 5 PCI/PCIe Expansion Slots

17.3″ Display – 1920 x 1080

Full-sized keyboard

NetPAC Dimension Drawing

Expansion for high end RAID


RAID Controllers

Removable drive caddy

Copper and Fiber 1G, 10G and 20G Ethernet


Up to 17 removable drives

120TB+ removable storage